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No to micromanagement

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people and they tell us what to do.” (Steve Jobs)

I touched this topic before in “Effectiveness through others is different from effectiveness on my own” but I want to make it really really clear: micromanagement is a sin.

There’s this TED talk by Chieh Huang: “Confessions of a recovering micromanager” which I immediately identified with. I used to be a terrible micromanager, and I really don’t want to go back there. But I struggle with it. I struggle with what to do when I feel I know how to do things effectively, and others just simply don’t want to follow my process?

The talk says: “There is only one solution to micromanagement …and that’s to trust.”

That’s the question: do I trust the people I work with? Do I believe they can do their job well? Is there really just the one way to be effective?

It’s this big picture that helps me be real when I stray to the dangerous area of micromanagement: I truly believe my team is awesome. Maybe even more awesome than me.

We micromanage in a lot of areas: not just work, but shopping with the family, when the kids do the housework or getting annoyed at the barista who seems so slow. What was the last time you micromanaged?

2 thoughts on “No to micromanagement”

  1. My husband’s supervisor is a micro manager. My hubs takes it in stride but I dislike the dude for it immensely. I think it’s insulting.
    As a bit of a micro manager myself, ha ha, I know that it comes from a place of anxiety. I’ve found within myself that when I treat that, I do the whole micro thing less. It happens very rarely now. Thank goodness!


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