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Potential should be a swear word

“There is no such thing as potential; and it is both impractical and immoral to act as though there is.” (Marcus Buckingham)

I’ve been “on the other side” of being measured and split into groups. I’ve been there, feeling the injustice of an untimely evaluation, or sometimes unlucky coincidence that put us into classes. I am there because most people in business are easily influenced by charm or sales skills – which I don’t have. So yes, this is personal to me, because I don’t want to be classed as HiPo or LowPo based on such subjective opinions. I’m passionately fighting against boxing people in based on how we see them now, using our “gut feeling”, unreliable personal opinions. I’d rather we stay open, accept different ways of working, diverse personalities, colleagues who challenge us and push us outside of the comfort zone. No to potential, yes to growth.

1 thought on “Potential should be a swear word”

  1. Good for you on trying not to box people in! Everyone had potential. Always. You just have to give them a chance – push them, encourage them, believe in them. ❤


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