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Stress relief has many forms

I have only recently discovered face sprays with essential oils. They are amazing when I need to manage stress.

One pump of that good smell air is enough to make me stop, take a deep breath, and if I’m lucky, take another viewpoint as well.

People deal with stress differently. Some complain out loud, and forget in the next minute. Others go for a coffee and chat. The worst is to do nothing but push it deep down.

As a leader, we need to help our team’s process and not add to it more. We need to make sure they have breaks, they have the means, and the skills to manage even frequent difficult situations. It’s not always easy.

Even at the most stressed of days, we can help the team to work with their strengths. To feel they have added value, doing tasks in the flow is the best stress management of all.

1 thought on “Stress relief has many forms”

  1. Oh yes, a colleague of mine always had rose water with her for precisely this purpose. I was lucky enough (and she is generous that way) to be allowed to partake in it and every now and then.
    Which oils do you prefer?


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